Orion Mims

A professional trainer for over two decades, Orion Mims has the innate ability to motivate and inspire his clients to challenge their boundaries while still having an amazing time. Quite simply, fitness and the ability to teach fitness is in his blood.  A native New Yorker, Orion literally grew up on the concrete basketball courts and canvas boxing rings of the city. This led to an opportunity to play under and learn from legendary coach Jim Calhoun at the University of Connecticut.

Following college, Orion aligned himself with the top private gyms in New York City where he quickly built a diverse client base ranging from top fashion models to professional athletes and everyone in between.

Now an accomplished Ironman Triathlete, Orion considers himself a dedicated athlete as opposed to just a triathlete. He has competed in triathlons all over the globe and currently enjoys major corporate sponsorships owing to his success. He embraces the challenges of the sport and believes that indulging in triathlons at a high level has allowed him to master strength/endurance modalities/philosophies that are applicable to all sports and all forms of movement.

Orion’s dense mutisport background welded into his knowledge of physiology, biomechanics and kinesiology makes him the coach of all coaches. He therefore works with any and all demographics in any and all sports-any time, anywhere. All of his clients are equally important to him. To be Orion’s client, is to be his friend.



Bruce Ruiz

Bruce Ruiz can only be described as an “outdoor superstar”! When he is not cycling, swimming, kite-surfing, snowboarding, or skating, he can be found sharing this passion by training and coaching others in these activities. His experience is vast and varied. While at Binghamton University, Bruce was a member  of their  NCAA varsity swim team and also taught yoga.  Most recently, Bruce served as a National Ski Patrol Member and Outdoor Emergency Care Technician. Moreover, he has a Water Safety Instructor Certification from the American Red Cross.

Bruce is always looking for new and exciting ways to engage his body by expending physical energy in a sustainable and healthful manner. He loves sharing his intensity with anyone that wants to take his or her health and fitness to the next level.


Rod McCLave

Rod McCLave is a triathlon coach specializing in aquatics. He is an internationally competitive open water swimmer with a decade of coaching experience. Rod works with athletes, children and adults of all levels from beginners to olympic contenders. His focus is on technique, safety, and functional improvement.